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Senior Architect (Development Manager)

Posted on: Wednesday Nov 7 , 8:55 AM , 2018
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Job/Task Description

Responsible to lead development activities for assigned project/products (phase, masterplan) with the air of exploiting the development opportunities in the most profitable manner in alignment with Eagle Hills standards and design guidelines. Responsible to drive the multi-disciplinary coordination between all the necessary departments to ensure that products concept/design are converted into successful commercial assets. Ensure that development activities are carried out efficiently and according to plan, meeting market demeans and maximizing value/profits
Number of Staff Supervised Direct Reports: TBD
Indirect Reports: TBD
Financial Dimensions: As per approved department budget
Description Responsibilities
Contribute to development plans, targeted financial returns and aligned with annual budgets.

• Monitor implementation of relevant projects/products in assigned locations
• Execution of annual business plan and unit milestones in alignment with corporate strategic initiatives and budgetary requirements
• Set priorities for value optimization, considering risk, rewards, time and cost are balanced across the portfolio
Establishment and execution of company’s standards.
• Ensure compliance with policies and procedures within function and appropriate cross department coordination
• Review project concept, masterplan and designs in country office to comply with Eagle Hills standards and contribute to the planned positioning of Eagle Hills
• Ensure all country office designs are reviewed by head office Centre of Excellence to ensure adherence to Eagle Hills identity and standards

Country and consultant coordination
•Monitor country performance, progress of current and planned projects and ensure appropriate measures to maintain performance standards
•Seek to resolve differences in development and design discussions
•Review project concepts, masterplans and development plans to exploration of land bank and planned profits meet profit potentials of the land bank
•Monitor and report on strategic schedule, financial and budget controls and requirements to ensure strong governance and control of assets
•Report on monthly, quarterly, annually cash flow vs work completed/pending for all ongoing projects
•Contribute to the sourcing of consultants, third party and contractors for scope, contracts, performance and resolve issues
Plan and manage the development lifecycle in alignment with Eagle Hills standards.
•Ensure product specific plans, the development brief and roll outs are aligned with the overall masterplan development management plan
•Lead design management for assigned products in compliance with Eagle Hills’ design guidelines, standards and identity; ensure product briefs meet allocated budget, coordinated input internally and externally and factor in risk assessment, product budget, cost benefit analysis, legal and design
•Collaborate with other DM to manage interconnection between designs of management products with other products
•Drive coordination with other departments throughout development of products to optimize timing of activities, knowledge sharing, maintain uninterrupted development progress to recognize revenue as planned
•Coordinate, manage and monitor project execution activities of assigned products to ensure constructions align to plan, quality, time, costs, design vision and value
•Manage the coordination and support for the definition of the customer journey, sales centre timing and preparation of sales and marketing launches to ensure assigned products to be sold in the most profitable manager
•Support Projects to manage product closeout, handover and operational activities to ensure constructed assets meet customer’ expectations and Eagle Hills brand
•Coordinate Customer Relationship Management activities and FM activities related to product development

Project Reporting
• Monitor product development cost and budget to achieve targeted financial returns while adhering to Eagle Hills’ risk return profile
• Assist management in preparation and presentation of development projects through necessary review check points to ensure integrity design, quality, price, market profile and commercial structure
• Prepare periodic reports to the Senior DM / Director on project progress

Stakeholder Management

Establish and maintain interfaces with senior clients and counterparts (professional developers, real estate agents, construction companies, architectural consultants, joint venture partners, investors) to ensure delivery of program concept and budget as planned

Internal: Project Management, Development, Projects, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Finance
External: Partners, vendors, country level counterparts

In accordance with job responsibilities and established delegation of authority.

Required Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Engineering or Real Estate Development,
• MBA or Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development, Management, Finance or Economic
Preferred Experience:
• 10 – 15 years of experience in a real estate development role
• Minimum 4 years of experience in a management role
Job Specific Skills:
• Excellent understanding of property market dynamics such as market conditions,
• Skilled in project management, design cost estimation analysis, architecture, design and master planning, quality assurance, etc.
• Good commercial and business acumen,

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