Anaesthetist(URGENT) – NGO Job Vacancy Ethiopia 2019

Posted on: Monday May 27 , 12:42 PM , 2019
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Job/Task Description


Performing all anesthetic medical activities according to MSF policies, protocols and universal hygiene standards, in order to ensure the quality of pre, during and post-operative care of patients.


Performing consultations to patients due for surgery, evaluating of the risks of operating (in collaboration with the surgeon), obtaining patient’s written authorization for their operation, providing patients with appropriate information on their illness and treatments, and deciding on what type of anaesthetics to be used

• According to set procedures, carrying out all nursing anaesthetics related activities during surgery in order to collaborate in patient’s adequate anaesthetized state and safety during the process. Preparing the drugs, material, and equipment required for the surgery. Monitoring patients throughout the whole intervention and administering and maintaining anaesthetics following the rules of hygiene and asepsis in force.

• Providing post-operative care, including immediate post-operative surveillance in the recovery room and special patients present in the intensive care unit, in order to adapt the prescriptions, with special focus on patient’s pain relief, during the stabilization and recovery process. Does round consultations with the Surgeon Doctor once or twice a day, discussing therapeutic orientations with the department manager, renewing prescriptions and ensuring they are followed. Systematically evaluating patients’ pain to adapt prescriptions and/or therapies for their relief.

• Respecting, promoting and ensuring medical confidentiality and implementing and following hygiene rules, procedures and protocols at all times as well as looking after the integrity of anaesthesia material (decontamination, sterilisation, storage conditions, etc.) and other equipment, in order to ensure the safety and protection of patients and other staff. Knowing accidental blood exposure policy and procedure and implementing them when necessary.

• Carrying out all pharmacy related activities (stock control, station’s re-stocking, inventories, expired drugs, etc.) and other equipment of anaesthetic ward, doing special follow-up of narcotics and sedatives (register, consumptions, empty phials, etc.), ensuring enough stock-up and the good functioning to carry-out the medical activities. Drawing up pharmacy orders according to needs.

• Collaborating with other departments and supporting other medical services in order to support the overall MSF project with his/her expertise and capabilities. Training other medical staff when applicable and working particularly in close collaboration with the accident and emergency department and midwifery and obstetrics team in the maternity department (especially to resuscitate new-borns).

• Carrying out administrative procedures and documents (fill in of patients files, forms, statistics, data base, etc.), in order to have updated and correct information about the day-to-day activities.

• In collaboration with the Surgeon Doctor, carrying out quantitative surgical-anaesthesia data collection, drawing up and sending out reports for the monthly follow up of peri-surgical mortality and for the quality of anaesthesia/pain management and informing the direct supervisor immediately in the event of medical error.

MSF Section/Context Specific Accountabilities

Gambela region has doubled its population due to the arrival of refugees, mainly from South Sudan. MSF is working in the only referral hospital in Gambela region in direct colaboration with the RHB staff. We also have a health promotion team working in the community.

MSF is an independent, neutral and impartial organisation that is providing quality medical care free of charge regardeles the ethnic origin of our patients, so to both local and refugee population.

We ensure that our staff is aware and respect the cultural differences of our patients and collaborates with the RHB staff in an equaly respectful way.

There are still many challenges in the hospital that will require from our staff a big flexibility to adapt to the needs: changes in the location or the specific tasks that the staff was performing, extra hours, etc We are an emergency organisation so in case of any outbreak or emergency situation, the priority for the project will be to respond to the emergency, so the staff can be requested to shift from his/her usual job to suport in that response.

As an Anaesthesist Nurse you will have to ensure the quality and safety in all anaesthetic procedures.

A high level of Proactivity will be required to ensure that the patients programmed for surgery are prepared and transported to the OT in the assigned time so the surgery can start according to the daily program.

The main added value of MSF presence in Gambela Hospital is to ensure that we are ready to react in case of a Mass Casualty situation. For that is essential to have a fast flow of patients from the SIPD to all the OTs to maximise our live saving capacity.

Job Requirements


· Nursing diploma with specialization as anesthetics nurse is essential


· Essential 1 year of previous supervised work experience as an anaesthetist nurse

· Experience in other NGO’s and /or developing countries is desirable.


· Mission language and local language essential


· Desirable basic computer skills


· Results and Quality Orientation

· Teamwork and Cooperation

· Behavioural Flexibility

· Commitment to MSF Principles

· Stress Management

How to Apply

Deadline: June 08, 2019

All applicants should send a CV, cover letter, educational records, work certificates, VALID PROFESSIONAL LICENSE and copy of id. Card either by email to , please indicate ¨On the subject box: the vacancy title, ¨your name¨ and ¨specific location that you are applying for¨ or ON THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR COVER LETTER) OR give in person to MSF Spain Addis Abeba,Gambella and Dolo Office.

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