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Job/Task Description

Job Description – The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)



GAIN was launched at the UN in 2002 to tackle the human suffering caused by malnutrition. GAIN is a global, Swiss-based foundation that mobilises public-private partnerships and provides financial and technical support to deliver nutritious foods to those people most at risk of malnutrition. Our programs in Africa and Asia enable better diets via nutritional products, such as fortified staples foods, including cooking oil and flour, and condiments like salt and soy sauce. We also support improved maternal and infant health by promoting breastfeeding and specialised products for infants over six months and young children. In addition, we partner with local businesses to improve the quality of food along agricultural value chains. By building alliances that deliver impact at scale, we believe malnutrition can be eliminated within our lifetimes.


GAIN contributes to fighting malnutrition in Ethiopia through innovative and sustainable models that increase access to affordable nutritious foods among communities vulnerable to malnutrition and is currently implementing a project called Access to Better Dairy Project. This project emanates as part of the Nordic Partnership which brings companies, civil society, academia & the public sector together to focus on developing scalable & inclusive business models for solving the sustainable Development Goals (SDG) challenge to end hunger & malnutrition.

The main objective of this project is to catalyse market development of one dairy value chain in Ethiopia. This is achieved through technical support to (private) dairy sector partners for the development and marketing of a fortified dairy product targeting select communities with the aim of improving nutrition.

The main objectives of the product development are:

  • To develop an affordable and acceptable fortified yoghurt product that responds to the preferences of the target consumer which are children
  •  To identify the optimal product positioning for sustainability in target market
  •  To achieve consumer loyalty through successful usage and conversion by demand creation activities

For this purpose, GAIN has selected LONI Agro Industry- a local dairy processing company to supply the required fortified yoghurt and work on building the capacity of the company through technical support in engaging with the dairy farm processing, production, key product development and the demand creation to reach the target consumer. This Yoghurt is intended to also be produced in multiple flavours to reach a wide range of target groups specially focused in children 3-7 years.



The affordable yoghurt known as VITERGO is fortified with vitamin and minerals which will be launched into the market firstly in two flavours with the primary promotional target of children. The product is targeted to be positioned in kiosks, supermarkets, dairy shops and Kaldis shops as primary access points for the target consumers. The brand identity, packaging and primary communication material has been designed along with a promotional strategy on how to launch and position it in the target market. This activity will be an extension towards further designing supportive communication materials focused for above the line (ATL) and below the line (BTL) market activations for brand awareness and positioning of the product.


The Creative Agency will be tasked with designing and production of the agreed promotional materials based on the developed communication strategy by GAIN in collaboration with LONI Agro Industry.

Accordingly, key activities of the assignment addressed in this ToR are:


1. To provide creative concepts for promotional tools design based on the provided brand guideline and primary communication elements of the approved yoghurt brand.

2. To develop specific ATL promotional tools to launch the product and sensitize the market. i.e.

  • 45-60 sec TV promo to be used for mass and social media using a key influencer (celebrity) that influences the target group (children and their mother).
  • Specific Jingle accompanying promo relating to the product benefit.

3. To design specific BTL promotional tools for visibility and market activation activities to be conducted by LONI

  •  Product launching event and market activation visibility support design. i.e. tent, tear drops, T-shirts, and required POSMs for channel visibility activations.

4. To test the developed promotional tools of sample target consumers in Lideta and Kirkos sub-cities for any improvements to be made to come up with the most relevant and emotionally appealing creative advertisements.

To address the deliverables above, the agency is expected to develop the methodology and tools which considers the following.

  • Target Population (promotion): Mothers and children between the ages of 3 and 7 years which are strong influencers. It should balance between the two.
  • Target Population (consumption): Children between the ages of 3 and 7 years.
  • Product Variant: Product variants presented in two flavors (Vanilla and Strawberry).
  • Product Positioning: Product is to be positioned primarily in kiosks targeting low-middle income families followed by dairy shops.
  • Brand Positioning: An affordable yoghurt snack fortified with vitamins and minerals for active and bright kids.


Activities July-August
Creative concept delivery for ATL and BTL promo design
Script and Content delivery for TV promo and jingle
Design BTL communication and visibility materials as per the required list of items.
Provide feedback upon testing the designed tools for improvement
Submit final design of all required promotional tools both for ATL and BTL activity.

N.B Agency is to provide a detail timeline with dates within the scope to the above work plan 

Job Requirements


  • Proven record with full creative agency capabilities, tools and technologies to perform the design and production of creative advertisements.
  • Proven experience in creative design work for communication, promotional and visibility trade marketing tools across various industries.
  • Experience on consumers’ testing and insight assessment towards developed creatives.
  • Clear and systematic thinking that demonstrates good judgment, expert problem solving, and creativity for innovative recommendations.
  • Any experience towards engagement in creative works on food business or nutrition sector.  A focus on the dairy sector is a plus.
  • Experience working in a public/private partnership environment highly desirable
  • Qualified team expertise in creative strategy, concept development, design work and promo productions.
  • Ability to deliver in short deadlines with quality intact.


  • Submit updated CV of creative team and copy of supporting documents for the experiences related with the post.
  • Submit maximum of 10 pages technical and financial proposal including methodology for designing/producing the required tools and detail work plan. Any document that can support experience can be Annexed along with the proposal. This includes renewed licence and vat registration certificates.
  • Each page of submitted documents should be stamped or signed by the applicant
  • The technical and financial proposals must be sealed separately for submission.
  • All documents should be delivered to GAIN Ethiopia office in hard copy

NB: All consultancy payments are subjected to 2% withholding tax for registered consultancy firms.

How to apply

Deadline: July 16, 2019 

For submission, the Applicants will be required to deliver their submission in person at the GAIN office:

GAIN-Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

Telephone: +251 116610088

Bole Sub City, Woreda 13

In front of Ethiopian Youth Sport Academy, Moya Foods Building, 2nd Floor

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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