works with a Credit System, And you are required to deposit a virtual credit in your online account before posting a Task/Job. To deposit credits in your online account, Please contact us through 

Posting a Service on is Free. However, in order to post a Task/Job or to use Featured post options you will be required to pay a small fee. Please refer to our price guide below;

Price for Posting a Task/Job

Post a Task/Job:   10 ETB

Post a Featured Task/Job:  50 ETB

Fee Taken out of each Completed Task: 30 ETB


Price for Posting a Service

Post a Service: 0 ETB

Post a Featured Service:  50 ETB

Fee Taken out of each Completed Service: 20 ETB


What is a “Featured ” Post?

When you see a job badged as “Featured ” it means that a motivated client or freelancer has paid to upgrade their post in order to help it stand out on

Featured posts will be clearly marked in your job feed. Just look for the red banner that says “Featured”

How to badge your posts as “Featured ”?

  • Login to your account and click the “Post a Job” or “Post Service” button.
  • Compose your post using the on screen instruction and add a Logo or an image that can be used as a preview.
  • You will be presented with an option to mark your post as Featured, Check the box to apply the Featured post option.
  • You will be asked to pay the fees required to publish your post as a Featured post, Pay with your credit and click publish.
  • Great! Your Post is now a Featured post. Your post will be displayed on front page and will be shared on our Facebook page. Users will also be informed about your post through Email.