computer and office machine repair

Posted on: Tuesday Feb 20 , 7:08 PM , 2018
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Service Description

I can install,repair and expansion of computer hardware and software
I can install,repair and expansion of printers,copiers and fax machines
I can install,troubleshooting and expansion of LAN and WAN networking’s.

Instruction for Buyer
Repair: Why i want to Do It? 1- It’s fun. You’ll get a strong sense of satisfaction when your efforts yield a properly working gadget. It feels a bit like you’re a detective solving a murder case, and it’s more fun to use your noodle than your wallet. 2- It’s absorbing. Learning to repair things is a great hobby to which you can devote many fruitful hours. It’s good for your brain, and it beats watching computer any day 3- It can be profitable. Some of the broken items people nonchalantly discard are surprisingly valuable. When your tech skills become well developed, you’ll be able to repair a wide variety of devices and sell what you don’t want for yourself. 4- It can preserve rare or obsolete technology. Obsolete isn’t always a negative term! Some older technologies were quite nice and have not been replaced by newer devices offering the same features, utility or quality. The continued zeal of analog audio devotees painstakingly tweaking their turntables offers a prime example of the enduring value of a technology no longer widely available.